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Welcome To KCG Electronics Limited

KCG Electronics Limited has been involved in Marine, Offshore, Military and Industrial markets for the past 6
years, providing it's customers with fully classified, reliable, cost effective products. We also have the ability to
adapt our product portfolio enabling our customers to receive a fully customised unit to specifically meet their
own project criteria.

KCG Electronics provides full support of product sales, Technical Backup, System installations, retrofit
solutions, commissioning and service/repair work.

For further information regarding products and the markets we serve, please feel free to browse our website
or alternatively contact our office for further assistance. Below are the companies we hold Exculsive agencies
for in the UK.
July 25, 2014
Recent growth results in new Midlands Sales Office

We are pleased to announce that due to continued growth we have now opened
a new sales office located in the midlands. We feel that this will further enhance
our ability to service our markets across the UK. Details below:

KCG Electronics - Midland Sales Office
unit 4, 8 Bessell Lane
TEL:  +44 (0) 115 8370 150

July 21, 2014
Five Year Warranty on New Innovative Intelligent Battery

we are pleased to announce the new line of Intelligent battery chargers, the IBC
Series, will be ready for production at the beginning of August 2014. This is a
whole new line of Digital Signal Processor based battery chargers. The first of
these chargers is the IBC320, where IBC stands for ‘Intelligent Battery Charger’.  

The key feature is ‘Advanced Power Factor Correction’ on the AC input. This
means that the charger will work from any AC voltage anywhere in the world, and
uses that electricity in the most effective and efficient way. Power Factor
Correction is a way of drawing AC power from the grid in exactly the same way
as an incandescent light bulb (i.e. the current drawn is exactly proportional to the
voltage at every point in the standard 50 or 60 Hz cycle). This will eliminate any
additional charges on your electric bill for ‘Phantom’ or ‘Apparent’ power by the
charger and ensure the charger makes the most efficient use of the available

Please contact us on
admin@kcg-electronics.com for further details

Analytic Systems Releases First Waterproof DC/AC Inverter
July 14, 2014

We are pleased to announce a long awaited new product, our newest DC/AC
inverter but in a waterproof chassis.  The chassis is of our proprietary in-house
design and developed with our own CNC shop: Metal Action Machining Ltd,
located in nearby Surrey, BC. The new model SPS300 is available in a 110 or
220VAC output with standard 12, 24, and 32 vdc inputs.  As with most Analytic
Systems products it can be modified to user requirements, even military
applications. In fact the first users are a military group that requires full IP67
protection for use in a mobile radar project for the US Army.

Please contact us on
admin@kcg-electronics.com for further details

Mar 06, 2014
Analytic Systems Announces New Products for Summer 2014

Analytic Systems is pleased to announce that it will launch six new products in
Summer 2014.  The new product list includes new AC/DC  inverters, AC and DC
battery chargers and DC/DC voltage converters.

In June the sealed (IP67) 300 watt model SPS300 inverter (originally designed
for military application will be available for commercial users. Another waterproof
product is our IP67, sealed 1500 W AC/DC battery charger model BCA1505
Series, again designed for military (US Navy and CDN Forces) will be modified
for commercial use. This will allow full power with both sealed units, thereby
reducing the cost to the customer  by half in some cases.

Another waterproof product being offered to two major military vehicle programs
(UK and US) that will be available to all users is the new VTC70 (and charger
version: BCD70) . It is a very wide DC input (20 to 100VDC). The standard
commercial version similar to the 70 Series is the VTC and BCD 90 Series
products with the same wide DC input.

The biggest launch will be our new IBC300, 300 watt, battery charger. Available
at the end of June, this Intelligent Battery Charger (including our Power Wizard
smart software), will be very competitively priced with power factor correction and
available in 12, 24, 36 and 48vdc outputs. This will be the first of two intelligent
battery chargers launched in 2014.

Please contact us on:
Admin@kcg-electronics.com for further details.

Dec 03 2013
CRE Gensys Compact due for release September 2014

GENSYS COMPACT is due to be released in September 2014 and our dedicated
engineering team is working on the finalisation of our new paralleling solution

Be sure to get all the information you need and contact us at admin@kcg-

Jan 03 2012
KCG appointed UK Agents For CRE Technology

KCG are pleased to announce that from the 3rd January 2012 we will now be
acting as UK agents for CRE Technology.
Steve Broughton added " by adding CRE to our list of suppliers it really shows the
commitment to our customers of providing them with the best choice of products
no matter what their requirements entail.

August 03 2011
Selco A/S Is acquired by Littlefuse Inc.

SELCO A/S is acquired by Littelfuse Inc. and will become part of the Littelfuse
Startco protection relay business based in Canada.
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  • Woodward

  • Nordisk Marine Hydraulic

  • ABB

  • DRS Technologies

  • Deep Sea

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  • VarTech
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Special Offer Products
The Earth Leakage Relay RD is a
microprocessor-based electronic protection device
designed to recognize low-level leakage or
unbalanced currents, due to insulation loss on
conductors or equipment to be protected.

The RD Family Instruments were picked for
use in the Olympic Games For Earth Leakage.

£ 125.35 Ea.

Prices excl. VAT & Carriage

(SMPR-1) has been designed to measure the line
and ground RMS currents and supply RMS voltages
under normal conditions or under disturbances. The
potential transformers (PT) and current transformers
(CT) from each line. This information is internally
The Summarize Measurement and Protection Unit
(SMPR-1) has been designed to measure the line
and ground RMS currents and supply RMS voltages
under normal conditions or under disturbances. The
potential transformers (PT) and current transformers
(CT) from each line. This information is internally
processed by the microprocessor, to take the current
protection actions defined under ANSI, IAC or IEC
standard. Additionally the operational conditions of
the breaker or disconnector are also signalized
Special Offer Pricing

£ 724.50 Ea.

Prices excl. VAT & Carriage